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Recientemente modificamos nuestro Departamento de Mantenimiento y reparación para poder ofrecerle estos servicios con mayor agilidad y una mayor conveniencia para usted Created by Hohner, the Anacleto collection is a series of vintage-style, Italian-made accordions featuring handmade reeds Within this basic design, Hohner handcrafts each Anacleto as a 34-button or piano keyboard accordion with a unique crystal pattern and color scheme on the exterior

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This series of beginner models including the Hohner Panther accordion features 31 buttons and recognizable tonality We offer multiple financing and layaway options, including 12- to 48-month, no-interest options at times, plus trial lessons and an extended warranty The vast amount of individual parts and the impressive logic in how they are arranged within the instrument as seen in the picture opposite leave the viewer in awe and fascination This was the goal of the first accordion makers over 180 years ago and its achievement is evident in the popularity of the accordion worldwide In order to meet the functional demands of different music styles, the Anacleto collection offers 3, 5, and 9 registers for different tonalities Norteño, Conjunto, Tex-Mex, and Zydeco players will find the Anacleto Series has products designed specifically for their music genre

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For those who demand even more versatility, the two-tone (two accordions in one) and 4-row diatonic models extend the note range Our reeds are fabricated from the finest ribbon reed stock and are placed in hard aluminum frames with exceptionally tight tolerances Eduardo Hernandez of Los Tigres Del Norte commented when playing the new Anacleto Series “When I first placed my hand on the fingerboard, I could tell right away what I had in my hands without even playing it