Acordeón serenelli

Más vendido Nº 1
Classic Cantabile Secondo acordeón para niños 8 bajos rojo
  • Acordeón para niños
  • 22 teclas discante, 8 teclas bajos
  • Peso: 2,4 kg
  • Medidas (ancho x profundo x alto en cm): 28,5 x 16 x 28
  • Incluye correa y Gigbag
Más vendido Nº 2
Bontempi- Acordeón en Madera con 17 Teclas (Spanish Business Option Tradding 33 1730)
  • Acordeón en madera con 17 teclas (DO-MI) con diesis y 8 bajos
  • Correa incluida
  • Calidad sonora igual que un acordeón real
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Gradually, however, he began to get the desire to build a professional instrument, and this led him to follow his friends, other accordion makers and to observe them carefully during the various manufacturing stages Luciano began working as a sub-contractor for different companies in Castelfidardo but soon his creativity had the upper hand by creating his own line with the brand Serenellini Hence, year after year, the Serenellini brand was known and appreciated in Europe as well as in the United States